A Spectrum of Services

Negotiations and Acquisitions

C&H Associates has the experience and skills to negotiate a settlement that is fair and equitable to all parties involved. We take pride in our knowledge with regulations and our commitment to respecting our clients and property owners’ needs.

Relocation of Owner and Residents

C&H Associates is experienced, highly qualified, and knowledgeable with the Uniform Act when it comes to relocating owners, occupants, and businesses successfully. Our history of facilitating the smooth transition of occupants rests on our expertise, compassion for people and dedication to clients.

Construction Easement


C&H Associates has the necessary expertise to acquire the use of land for a specified purpose, whether it is temporary or permanent, in the complex regulations that govern construction easement.


Capability Statement

Company Certifications

C&H Associates, Inc. provides Right of Way Consulting services for airport, highway, road, railway, pipeline and transmission line projects throughout the Midwest Region and Nationwide.

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